2. Old mariners, modern explorers—part three

In July 1969, when Neil Armstrong left for the moon with his Apollo 11 team, he knew there was a chance that they may not return to Earth. Speechwriter William Safire thus prepared a statement ‘In Event of Moon Disaster’ for President Nixon to read on television. The text was never broadcast because all three crew returned. On 25 August 2012, forty-three years after his historic mission, Armstrong passed away.  Safire’s original text follows below:

The travels of Marco Polo, Queen Hatshepsut and Admiral Zheng He are mentioned in Knot of Stone too. We shall touch on Christopher Columbus again in November, so watch this space. Meanwhile, follow our two facebook pages for the latest updates: Nicolaas Vergunst and Knot of Stone.

Nicolaas Vergunst

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